Why KindleWood?

Our Service:

If you’re looking for a top San Francisco Bay area or Monterey Bay area wedding videographer, well, you came to the right place. For us, professionalism is as much an attitude as it is a final product; from your first email or phone call to your final post-purchase follow-up, we are dedicated to top-notch service and complete satisfaction. If you’re not happy, we’ll bend over backwards to make things right and leave you with a smile on your face. Don’t believe us?

These Yelp reviews speak for themselves.

Our Attitude:

We strive to be positive and constructive in every interaction we have with our clients. Starts raining on your wedding day? Cocktail hour running late? Not a problem! We are easy going and given our plethora of past experience, are quick to adapt in order to make the situation the best possible.

Our goal is to try to be as present as possible, yet at the same time as out of the way as possible. Your wedding day is yours, and we try to capture this day to the best of our abilities, without getting in your or your guests way.

Our Response Times:

According to our past and present clients, we have some of the fastest response times in the industry. We check our emails frequently, and promise a response within 24hr when we are in the office. Have a last minute request or change on the day before your wedding? No problem! We’ll work with you to figure out the best solution even in a pinch.

 Our Clients:

Given that we only take on a select number of weddings each year, we love to get to know our clients a bit before their wedding, in order to figure out how to best document their day. The more you share, the better we can customize your wedding films to your personality. We aren’t in this business to shoot 100’s of weddings each year, and feel by limiting the number of weddings we shoot, we are able to maintain a delivery time which is one of the fastest in the industry!

KindleWood Films provides professional, high end wedding videography in Santa Cruz, Monterey, Big Sur, Carmel, San Francisco and surrounding areas. We pride ourselves on creative cinematography and working with couples to document their wedding day to the fullest!