We will deliver your films within a maximum of 4 months of receiving your song choices.
The coverage time is consecutive by default but this can be changed. You can make the hours nonconsecutive by adding break time to the videography schedule. Breaks are useful when there is some time during the wedding day that you don’t need or want video coverage. Because the break time rate is much lower than the overtime rate, you can save a lot of money by adding break time. This also has the added benefit of allowing you to split the coverage time. For example, we could shoot for 3 hours in the morning, take a 2 hour break, and shoot for 5 hours in the evening. This way, you are only charged for 2 hours of break and we can shoot a lot more of the wedding day without you incurring the cost of additional coverage time.
9.25% California sales tax and possibly a travel fee if the wedding is outside of 60 miles of Santa Cruz.
We request a $600 Deposit on all packages. The remaining balance is due on the wedding day, although it may be easier to send payment two weeks prior, so you don’t have to worry about that on your big day.
Yes! Although we have never had to use it, we take our job very seriously and believe it shows our clients that we are invested in them.
Absolutely! Nothing is more important to us than capturing your big day. You’ve probably put a lot of time and effort into planning this day, and we make it our top priority to make sure we have our bases covered. Although we have never had to use our backup equipment, we enjoy the peace of mind it gives our clients and ourselves.
Having additional videographers allows us to film multiple things that happen simultaneously, such as the bride and groom getting ready. Having additional videographers also guarantees we capture a plethora of unique angles to create a cinematic and lasting film of your wedding day!
Shooting requires a lot of movement and focus, so a meal for us would be greatly appreciated so we can do our best work!

KindleWood Films provides professional, high end wedding videography in Santa Cruz, Monterey, Big Sur, Carmel, San Francisco and surrounding areas. We pride ourselves on creative cinematography and working with couples to document their wedding day to the fullest!