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We love what we do! As wedding videographers we take part in what is likely the happiest day in a couple’s life, and then produce videos that celebrate and preserve that day for years to come. We capture the details, nuances, and feelings of the wedding day that can be all too easily forgotten. We choose wedding cinematography to tell the couple’s story as we feel this dynamic event includes emotions, lights, sounds and words that cannot fully be captured solely by still images. We believe it is pivotal to have a reliable and professional team to document your story because this day only happens once. You’ve got enough on your mind, so let us worry about capturing all the little details so you can enjoy your guests.

We have shot a plethora of weddings varying widely in length, ethnicity and size. Furthermore, by using top of the line equipment including High Definition cameras, professional audio systems, stabilization systems, and lighting, we are able to create memories that will withstand the test of time. On the day of the wedding we strive to be as present as possible, yet at the same time, we aim to go unnoticed. Working as a videographer in Monterey, Santa Cruz, San Jose, and San Francisco is honestly the best! This is a pristine area, and we try to show our love for nature in the videos. Previous couples have described our films as being beautiful, timeless and true. Please check out more of our yelp reviews here.

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*We are fully licensed and insured

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Images Courtesy of KindleWood Films and Charles Le Photography

KindleWood Films provides professional, high end wedding videography in Santa Cruz, Monterey, Big Sur, Carmel, San Francisco and surrounding areas. We pride ourselves on creative cinematography and working with couples to document their wedding day to the fullest!