why you need a videographer

Why you need a videographer for your wedding

Imagine you are at a concert but instead of watching the concert normally, you are blind folded. Sure you are still getting an enjoyable sensory experience, but you are missing half the show. That is precisely how we feel when we hear a couple is just doing photography for a wedding. Most likely, they’ll end up with some incredible photographs from their day, but we believe there is so much more emotion left un-captured, if there is not a wedding videographer capturing the day. But what is it that really separates these two(photo/video) art forms apart from each other? We believe those two key elements are audio and motion. And because of that, both of these elements play a critical role when we shape our wedding films.

When we put together our films, we like to think of it like building a house. There is something so important that without it, the house just doesn’t work well…The foundation. For us, that foundation is… audio. Whether it’s the personal vows the couple spent hours pulling out of their heart or the speech from a parent who might not be around for much longer, these audio bits(as we call them) really lay the ground work for our films. That’s why we always encourage our couples to write personal vows to each other. They truly do help personalize the day. Check out this film to get an idea of how much the audio really does affect the enjoyment of the day. Sure we didn’t have a drone and our skills have improved since this wedding, but that doesn’t mean its not still one of our most watched videos with over 9,000 views.

Now to continue with the house analogy, we believe that using motion in our films is like the walls of a house. They hold it together and separate the various moods throughout the day. From the excitement and anticipation of the bride putting on the dress, to the tears coming down moms face as she dances with her son, we are sure that the emotional levels are always high on a wedding day. But how can we use motion to capture these emotions when we film and edit. Whether we cut faster or slower, choose to go with a steadicam shot or a locked down tripod all depends on the flow of the day. By getting to know our couples a bit before their big day, and learning about there story we are better able to shift our techniques to capture the day in the light that we feel fits the couple the best. Sure a running shot in slow motion might look cool 90% of the time, but does it really fit the couples story? A good example of how we use motion to fit our couple is the film below. They were a very laid back couple and so we tried to reflect that in our film for them.


At the end of the day, after all the cake has been eaten and the flowers have wilted, all you are left with, are your memories of the day, and the memories the other professionals have created for you. We believe that hiring a dedicated team to shoot the emotions that only video can capture, is really the only way to go.


KindleWood Films provides professional, high end wedding videography in Santa Cruz, Monterey, Big Sur, Carmel, San Francisco and surrounding areas. We pride ourselves on creative cinematography and working with couples to document their wedding day to the fullest!